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Study Analysis Area (1mb)


Published Reports

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Travel Survey Summary Reports:

Summer Travel Survey (10.5mb)
Winter Travel Survey (1.6mb)

Needs Assessment Report:

Main Report (12 mb)

Appendix A – Consultation Material:
  A1: OGN (PDF/1 mb)
A2: Study Mailing List (PDF/266 kb)
A3: Highway 26 Transportation Study website (PDF/166 kb)
A4: Travel Patterns Study (PDF/7 mb)
A5: Agency Meetings (PDF/22 mb)
A6: Correspondance (PDF/1 mb)


Appendix B – Winter Travel Survey Report (2.5 mb)
Appendix C – Summer Travel Survey Report (11.5 mb)
Appendix D – Traffic Report (7.8 mb)
Appendix E – Snow Drifting Assessment Study (1.6 mb)
Appendix F – Business Assessment (645 kb)
Appendix G – Cultural Heritage Inventory (6.4 mb)
Appendix H – Archaeological Assessment (47 mb)
Appendix I – Detailed Evaluation of Alternatives (902 kb)