Study Process + Schedule

Summary Overview of Study Process

The Highway 26 Transportation Study is composed of four key stages.

1. Data Collection:

  • Undertake winter and summer travel surveys and traffic counts to provide an up-to-date assessment of travel patterns in the analysis area;
  • Prepare an inventory of environmental features and constraints, land use information/forecasts for the analysis area.

2. Transportation Analysis and Assessment:

  • Develop and calibrate enhanced travel demand forecasting and micro-simulation models for the analysis area;  
  • Carry out a market based approach to examining the factors that will influence future travel demands, such as tourism, land use forecasts, and commercial goods movement considerations;
  • Examine future forecasts of travel demands, summarizing current and future conditions and constraints, and identify transportation deficiencies in the analysis area.

3. Develop and Assess Potential Transportation Improvements:

  • Identify measures to reduce roadway traffic demand (transportation demand management, TDM) or improvements to support other modes of transportation, such as rail, transit, air, and marine;
  • Consider alternative transportation infrastructure improvements, including, but not restricted to improvements to the existing Highway 26 corridor, enhanced municipal arterial roads, and/or a new transportation corridor;
  • Determine the benefit each improvement would have in addressing future demands; and
  • Consult with municipalities, the public and other stakeholders regarding findings of the Transportation Study.

4. Preparation of “Highway 26 Transportation Study Needs Assessment Report”:

  • Document study findings.
  • Recommend scope, location and priorities of future engineering and environmental assessment studies necessary to obtain approvals for and to implement the recommended improvements.

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Reports to be Prepared during the Study

There are a number of reports that will be prepared for this study. These will be posted to this website as they are prepared.